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About Us


Florida RS Technology is an engineering and contract manufacturing firm specializing in custom wire harnesses, fiber optic cable assemblies, electromechanical assembly, connectors, and specialized electronics assembly tools. The company got its start making patented tools and fixtures for the manufacture of semi-rigid cable assemblies. The customers buying our custom tools began to ask for finished wire harness assemblies and the rest is history. Today, Florida RS Technology enjoys a broad customer base including Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Aviation, all of which demand high reliability and timely delivery. Our roots in specialized tool making have provided a long-term competitive advantage because we can quickly create tools and fixtures to support nearly any request and nearly any volume. In 2018 and again at customer request, we have added fiber optics and the Neutrik connector product line. Our latest achievement is to become one of a handful of Neutrik Certified OpticalCON Assemblers (COCA).